Hi! I'm Blake Anderson

I’m a problem solver, avid runner, and product engineer. I grew up in the super small town of Arapahoe, Nebraska. Now I live in San Francisco, California (via Boulder, Colorado) where I help produce highly acclaimed mobile apps.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve worked at startups (SnuggHome, Snapjoy, Dropbox, and currently at ClassDojo) to create, develop, and bring ideas to life through engineering. I’m particularly passionate about mobile engineering, product strategy, and engineering leadership.

Through my experience in developing apps that are loved by millions, I’ve learned that great products come from developing a deep understanding of the user, communicating effectively across teams, producing fast, flexible codebases, and rapid iteration. With that knowledge, I use my strengths in mobile system architecture and engineering leadership to help position engineering teams to deliver solutions that not only meet requirements, but also reflect the long term product strategy and propel engineering velocity.

I also love to be a part of the product development process from start to finish. Some specific aspects I enjoy include evaluating opportunity areas, creating (and protecting) a product roadmap, setting priorities, and executing on the product strategy through engineering.

I’d love to chat over a coffee, please get in touch. You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Github.